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Dr. Penny Silvers

Teacher  | Consultant  |  Author

MY NEW BOOK -- Release date April 4, 2023

Who says a grandma can’t rule the world, rock around the clock, or run for president? Most
grandmas today are very active and involved – they work, dance, sing, paint, run, teach, and
lead busy productive lives. It’s time to recognize what grandmas contribute to the world while
still spending quality time with their grandchildren. Like to cook and bake cookies? No
problem. Like to drive a school bus? No problem. President of a company, Principal of a
school, Doctor on call? No problem!! Grandmas can be rock stars (at least to their
grandchildren). They can break down barriers blocking older adults from staying productive.
Active grandmas can be an inspiration for generations to come!

In this picture book, children can see grandmas working, contributing to life in important ways,
while still spending quality time with their grandchildren. It sends an important message to
children and families everywhere, that age is not a limiting factor in living a fulfilling, and
exciting life and that grandmothers can continue to work, follow their passions, and still love
their grandchildren. Active grandmas destroy ageism and trash stereotypes of gray haired
grannies. How they look, behave, feel, and engage is their choice – not one imposed upon them
by society. And yet, no matter how busy, nothing diminishes their love for their family and

This book can be a wonderful read aloud, read alone, or read along by a grandmother with her
grandchild, or a parent with a child. Reading together is a loving experience, and one that can
connect families across generations. It provides talk time too, about life and all that it can be
well into senior years. In addition, the book has simple vocabulary and a predictable pattern to
help emergent readers read along with fluency and expression.

Although nothing is more special than the love for a child –it is still important to recognize that
grandmas can be productive, contributing members of society. This simple book, packs a big
punch! Grandmas ROCK!!
"A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic."  Carl Sagan
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